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Visit To The AGO: Basquait | Now It's Time

By 7:00 pm

I finally finished this semester even though I'm to go back to school because I have a summer semester in about one week I’ve been waiting to see the “Jean-Michel Basquait : Now It’s Time” exhibit at The Art Gallery of Ontario ever since I heard about it. This was my first time going to the AGO so it was a different experience and it was my attempt to being an “art hoe”. I went with one of my best friends Flora, sadly we weren’t allowed to take any pictures in the exhibit but I still got to buy prints of my favourite pieces.

(In Order: Souvenir Booklet, JMB Signature Crown Pin, [Photographer, 1983], [Anthony Clarke, 1985] )

I kinda went bit extra on buying the souvenir booklet, prints and pins but I felt like it was worth it. There was one painting called Self-Portrait that was the one that stood out the most for us and we even went back three times to see it before we left. It was something about how he drew himself so anonymous and alien like it kept drawing me back. The more I looked at it, the more it made my heart feel heavy and anxious. Even leaving the painting I could still feel it’s presence around me like a ghost which I’ve never felt looking at art.

(This one)

It was a really great experience going to see it and I recommend you go see it if you are in the Toronto area before it leaves on May 10th.
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