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How To Be Successful During Exams

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Succes exam
Spring break is over and now we only have a few weeks to raise that GPA up to even out the bad marks we’ve gotten since winter. It’s time to stop drinking and partying and get down to business for till the end of April.These few weeks will be stressful so I have some tips to help them go as smoothly and successfully as possible.
1. Plan Ahead:
Calendars and planners are always helpful for time management. When the exam schedule is released put it on your calendar and plan study sessions accordingly so you won’t be cramming the last few days before your exam. Doing all nighters to study for the exam in the morning is not fun or effective, I’ve done it.
2. Study in Sections:
Make time to sort/make notes from your lectures/seminars/tutorials, and study them in sections. Studying your notes in sections makes it easier so you aren’t overwhelmed.
3. Blank Paper Method:
I learned this from my professor, get a blank paper and for 5-10 minutes write everything you learned in the class. When you’re done go through your notes at look at the subjects that you missed and focus on studying that more. Its best to do this once a week because of new information you get from your lectures weekly.
4. Study in New Places:
It seems very self-explanatory to change up your studying locations so you can stay focused.
5. Colour Coordinate your Notes:
I know that it will make your notes look like a colouring book, but I feel like when you colour coordinate your notes it helps you focus on it and differ what you are reading. For example I used red pen for only titles/new sections and purple pen for definitions that I thought were important. It saves time when making reviews compared to aimlessly searching for specific topics.

That are a few tips that work for me when I’m studying for midterms and exams, I hope that these tips will help you out. If you have tips comment below, let’s share!

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