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New Year, New Changes

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Happy Monday and belated New Years to everyone, I hope y'all are well. This is my first post for 2015, I can't believe another year is over. These last few weeks I've been reflecting on what I've done throughout the year. Even though there were many good memories, the year ended on a bad point due to my actions. So this year I've decided to learn from my mistakes from last year and change my mentality for a better result for myself in the long run. I feel like I had an epiphany that this could be the year for me (As most people say to their self). I want to focus on myself more, I'm gonna be 20 this year I have no one to tie me down, so I'm free to selfishly care for myself. 
There is also changes I would like to do this year, and here is 5 of them:
Appreciate the good things that happen more than the bad things
I've always been really pessimistic because I've never felt that good things happen to me and you don't get disappointed when you just have your standards low. So I want to focus more on the good things and have more of a positive attitude because what I've notice about myself is having the mentality of just bad things will happen, bad things will just happen because you aren't focus on good things actually coming true. 
Take care of myself physically and mentally
As I feel that this is my year of self-focus I would like to take care of my body since its the only one I've got.  I'm slowly trying to do eat more healthy and take away the junk food. (I had to take away cheese out of my diet and it made me so sad because I go through a giant block of cheese in 3 days) Just have some kind of daily exercise because I'm such a coach potato it's getting so unhealthy. Mentally I would like to meditate daily, express my feelings to someone or write them down in a journal because I have a habit of bottling up my feelings or what I'm going through and not tell anyone till I breakdown, which is mentally exhausting so I'm trying to change that. I feel like a balance of being healthy mentally and physically can help you grow as a person.
Do things for me, and stop caring about what people think
I've noticed that one of the reason I hold back on what I want to do is because I'm so concerned with what people would think about me. I couldn't even ask my professor questions because I didn't want people in my class to think I'm stupid, and I've never talked to them in my life.  I'm afraid of whatever I do I'll get embarrassed by the people around me. And that's not how I should go about life, being obsessed with what people "might" think/say about you. So "Imma do me" if anyone wants to say something about, too bad I don't care anymore.
Find what I love to do
This year all the things I thought I loved like my hobbies, interests, and even my future plans didn't seem important or I cared for. So I want to be more open minded for doing different experiences that I wouldn't think of doing. And just get out of my comfort zone once or twice. 
Be fully active on my blog
I started this blog in August 2013 but I've never been active, I post here and there when I have time or have a post I'm proud of. If you look at "Posts" section on my blog there are so many drafts because I missed the mark of the post being valid or I didn't think it was good enough so it stays in draft purgatory.  So this year I'm aiming to be stop trying to be so perfect when it comes to making blogposts and  post at least once a week.

I also felt the need to have actual goals to go for this year also.

10 Things I want to accomplish this year:
1. Get on the Dean's List at school
2. Travel somewhere
3. Get a tattoo
4. Take care of a living thing like a cactus or succulent and not kill it
5. Dye my hair a dramatic colour
6. Find a hobby I'm happy to do
7. Take more pictures 
8. Read more books
9. Accessorize more
10. Branch out when it comes to clothing choices

So what are you gonna change this year and what do you want to accomplish? Let me know, maybe I can add it to my list also. Sorry for the lengthy post I felt this year I should start my blog of on a personal note so you can get to know me better. And please look forward for nocturnalcaat 2015. Let's have a great year.

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