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Tips and Tricks on: Buying Textbooks

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School starts in just about a week if you aren't lucky you probably started already (I'm sorry for you). One of the essential thing you need for college is textbooks. But most of the textbooks you buy are just a waste of your money. So I'll teach about how what I learned to save money on textbooks. 

1. It's okay if you don't buy all the the textbooks that is on your book list
If you actually bought all the books on your book list thats probably 2-3k, but who really has the money for just books. Focus on buying textbooks for you major courses and courses that check if you have the book. There is no point in getting a textbook that for an elective when you aren't gonna uses ever again.

2. Don't be so fast on buying textbooks
When the textbook list comes don't be so eager to buy all your textbooks, most of the time you won't even open certain textbooks and later have to sell them for a quarter of the cost.

3. Buy textbooks after you get your reading list
When you look at certain reading list you will probably only need the textbook for like 20 pages (happened to me) so you don't really need to buy it new or even at all. 

4. Consider the library 
When you have to a reading list where you only need like some pages. Consider looking into old editions of your textbook in the library when you have to do readings. 

5. Look into students selling their textbooks
There is a lot of kijiji and facebook groups of students selling their textbooks for way cheaper than the used versions at the campus book store, sometimes people might put in a deal with their labs from the class.

6. Ebooks
Always look into finding ebooks of your textbooks (either buying them legally or downloading them illegally, it's up to you I'm not encouraging anything ) they are way cheaper than the physical book, and easier to carry.

7. Look into textbook selling websites
Just googling, you can find alot of websites selling textbooks at a better price than the campus store. And renting textbooks is a nice temporary option when you need a textbook for course but never need after.

Those are the six tips and tricks I have on buying textbooks I hope it helps, if you have any tips please comment below. And also check out my 10 tips I learned from my first year at uni post for more tips. I hope you have a great day and a great school year.

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