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Summer Bucketlist 2014

By 8:06 pm

national camera day 2014
Photo credit: Jonas Nilsson Lee

Summer is here so I decided to do a summer series every sunday about anything summer related. Last week was the start when I made the Summer Sounds playlist, check out the playlist. And this week is my bucketlist, here it is:

  1. Get a piercing
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Go to a music festival
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Go Hiking
  6. Go on a road trip
  7. Tie dye stuff
  8. Go to the beach
  9. Go to the Aquarium Look at my vlog when I went
  10. Dye my hair
  11. Explore downtown
  12. Learn how to ride a skateboard
  13. Take lots of film pictures
  14. Have a pen pal

Tell me what's on your bucketlist, maybe we can add to each others. Stay tuned on blogposts when I hopefully accomplish some of these.

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