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50 Random Facts About Me Tag

By 7:47 pm

I saw a little birdy blog's 50 facts about me tag and I thought that it would be a good idea to do the tag so people will get to know me better. 

  1. I hate anything with coconuts
  2. I hate grape-flavoured anything.
  3. I'm in love with Lionel Richie
  4. I'm afraid of heights but I love roller coasters
  5. I love making gifs 
  6. I used to play basketball till I got to high school and rediscovered naps after school
  7. I'm the only child in my family
  8. My middle name is "Joy" because I brought joy into my parents life (so they say)
  9. I'm virgo and didn't notice I had the qualities of one until I made this blog. (I'm a perfectionist)
  10. I have a bitch face so people are scared to talk approach me at first
  11. I'm also shy when it comes to people I don't know so having a bitch face doesn't help
  12. I started using photoshop at the age of 10
  13. Anything that has camouflage pattern on it I will instantly love, I feel like I was a solider in my past life for the amount of love I have for camo.
  14. The first week of uni, I twisted my ankle on an inflatable course and now I'm slightly afraid of inflatable courses
  15. I've never broke any bones but I have dislocated my shoulder
  16. I had an obsession with Hello Kitty when I was little
  17. The first concert I went to is Boyz II Men, in 2013
  18. I went to the Boyz II Men meet and greet and I told them I might be an outcome of their music and they laughed
  19. I have a shopping addiction, I impulse buy
  20. Once when I was 5 they made me ride a horse and I didn't like it all, all I did was cry so the horse just stopped and shitted for 5 minutes.
  21. I was apart of my high school's student council senior year and it was the most fun I've had in my whole high school career and I wish I joined earlier.
  22. I'm one of possibly 15 girls in my major.
  23. My guilty pleasures to watch are k-dramas, and animes.
  24. I love dogs especially pugs and huskies.
  25. I want a husky after watching Game of Thrones and wanted my own direwolf
  26. I can't eat cheesecake because I can still taste the cheese. The concept of cheese in desserts freaks me out
  27. I can't drive (my driving instructor made me scared of it, go figure)
  28. I love wearing grandpa sweaters
  29. My hobbies include bingeing on tv series and thrift shopping
  30. I hate feet, even my own. Toes especially freak me out
  31. All the electronics I buy, I name them. For example my camera is named Ruby, my record player is named Winston.
  32. After recently going to the aquarium I like sharks now, especially stingrays
  33. I have a really short attention span when it comes to moves/shows. If it doesn't hook me in the first 1-5 minutes I won't watch it.
  34. When I was little I wanted to be car salesman
  35. In elementary school I used to photoshop photos for people and sell them
  36. At 16 I gave up on my dream to be a graphic designer because I had to start my portfolio and I believed that I wasn't artistic enough
  37. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty good singer. I panic when people confront me about it.
  38. I absolutely hate working out at all costs
  39. I was afraid to sleep in the dark until recently I got over it
  40. The first movie I watched in the movie theatres was Agent Cody Banks with my mom
  41. I have the biggest crush on Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. Once he liked one of my instagrams and I screamed in shock for 10 minutes on the floor.
  42. I love playing board games
  43. I'm a sucker for limited edition stuff
  44. I've never had a job before, but I'm in great need of one right now (Someone hire me)
  45. I'm comfortable in small and confined spaces, I think that my brain feels it calming because it's kinda similar to a womb
  46. I'm a really bad procrastinator
  47. I enjoy breakfast food at any time of the day. Perfect at 3am
  48. When I see a spider I get shocked with fear, depending on how big or how close it is I will just become a statue until someone comes and kills it
  49. I always overthink stuff I make (example: blog posts) and just abandon them half way because I don't think they are good enough
  50. This blogpost took me a week to do because it was so hard for me to think of facts about me

So those were the 50 random facts about me, I hope this didn't bore you and you got to know a little more of who I am. I tag everyone to do this, if you do this tag I would love to see the random facts about you. Also if you thought any of my facts were weird or interesting comment below, let's bond and be friends. 

Have a good weekend!

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