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The 10 tips I learned from the first year of college/university

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As I pack all my stuff back into my parents Camry and drive back home, my first year of university officially comes to an end. And in these eight months I've learned many things and here is some.

1.You and your roommate might not become besties at the end of the year

In the beginning it was all good, we certain things in common and stuff. I even consoled her when she broke up with her boyfriend. But you will get to a point in the year where you see the true person they really are and not like it. She was messy but she was a hypocrite about it. There was time where she went on a post it note overload and put them everywhere in the kitchen for me, yet she disobeys all the stuff she wrote on those post it notes. And was so loud when she got her new boyfriend and always said sorry about it but it never meant anything to me because it would always happen.
Lol this turned into a rant about how i hate my roommate, now we barely talk and we are civil till we leave our res. Basically what I'm trying to say is you might not want to live with them next year or be friends with them at all and that's okay.

2. Ask for help when you need it
I'm a stubborn person and i hate asking for help, the thought of it makes me cringe because I feel like they would think I'm stupid. But ask for help, it will help you in the long run. You don't even have to meet them in person, you can send them an email, most of them reply in a day depending on the person. Being stuck on an assignment not knowing what to do, ask for help so you can fully understand what your prof wants (I learned that the hard way).

3. Join clubs or go to events
I'm a shy person with a natural bitch face so making friends is kinda hard. So join a club that you have interest in, or go to the events that your RAs beg you to go to, you can meet some interesting people there. 

4.  Make friends in all of your classes
If it's your major or even elective courses,they can help you if you need help when your profs or TAs aren't available and when you need to study for your exam.

5. Have a friend that can get you alcohol
Most people are still underaged when they go off to Uni (like me) and sometimes you have strict parents that won't buy your alcohol for you (me again). So it's always nice to have a friend that can go on alcohol runs for you, if you are the type of person who likes to get turnt then just disregard this tip.

6. Learn how to time mange yourself
If you can already do that great for you, you are already better than me. If you aren't, learn. Since your college schedule is more flexible than high school you can have a day of no classes. Don't just sleep all day and watch netflix. if you have assignments coming up do them little by little, or else you will procrastinate till the last moment and have a stressful all-nighter trying to get it done. Every two weeks I had to go through that.

7. Never ever put 8am anythings in your schedule
If you are in charged of setting up your schedule try your best to avoid anything at 8am. No lectures, tutorials, labs, or seminars especially if you are being marked for attendance and participation. Just because your past 12 years of school you've been waking up early to go to 8am classes doesn't mean you'll be able to it in uni. Now since you make your own decisions on whether to go to class or not, sleep wins over all. My first semester I had every day 8am class, and I only went 3 times a week because 2 were marked attendance and the other one I would always have a quiz. All of my classes had full lectures that'd one of the reasons why I didn't wake up.

7.5. If you don't have a choice on having 8am classes, tips on waking up
When I did go to class this is how I made myself wake up:
-Not giving a fuck about what I look (I see people in full pjs but i can't do that so I wear sweats, saves time on finding something to wear)
-Shower the night before (saves time)
-Put 10 alarms on your phone (with the volume on full blast) with really annoying sounds
-Have motivation on going, my favourite ones to use are "I'm paying alot of money to learn" and "I'm being marked to be there"

8. Never buy textbooks before you start the class, or at all tbh
Depending on what course you are taking like english and philosophy, you probably need to get your textbooks because most of your readings are important. But 80% of textbooks I bought this year I only read 10 pages because the rest was not needed. Go to your classes for a week or two without buying textbooks see how the class works with it and check your syllabus for the readings. Most of the time you only use the textbooks for a few chapters and if you are lucky you might find the textbook in the library or online so don't be eager in buying your textbooks in advance because chances are you will be wasting your money.

9. Go to your classes
Profs always tell you when something is really important to know for test or exams. One prof I had put half of the questions on the midterm on stuff he talked about in the lecture so it really fucked me over.

10. Check the library for past exams
When studying for finals, check your library for past exams some profs don't change their format and sometimes even their questions so chances if you find the past exam for the final you are studying for it could help you study.

These are the 10 tips I've learned from my first year of university, I hope it helps. If you have any more tips or want more for me please comment.

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