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Record Store Day 2014

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So April 19th is Record Store Day and this was my first year going because I recently got started collecting and my bae Childish Gambino, was releasing Because the Internet on official vinyl so I had to go.

So the vinyls I was looking to get was:

  • Childish Gambino - Because The Internet
  • Otis Redding - Pain in My Heart
  • Sam Cooke - Aint that Good News
The first store I went to was overwhelming it felt like Boxing Day with just middle aged men. When the doors open they all crowded the shelves, it was so hard to get through the store. Luckily I saw guys who got a copy of because the internet and showed me where it is. And I copped the last one in the store. Later I went to a nearby record store that opened later and I loved it. It had a very chill atmosphere there was no intense vinyl aficionados and had the bootleg vinyls that I was about to buy online, so I'm definitely going back. I sadly couldn't find Otis or Sam but I found Outkast and it really wanted but I promised my friend that I would get her a because the internet vinyl if I found another one (which I did). But overall I'm happy I got what I really wanted, and discovered more record stores I can go to. 

  • Check on the record store day website which stores are participating
  • Look through all of the upcoming release list and find out what you want
  • Call the record stores if they requested the ones you want and if you can make a request (there is a possibility that they won't receive it but it's better than going to a record store that didn't even request it at all)
  • Know the times your record stores open and go early (sometimes people are lining up, or the record store will open early)
  • Go with someone (I went alone it was kinda of boring by myself, having a person that loves vinyl as much as you do makes the day better, and they are your second eyes on finding the vinyls you want)
  • If you can bring cash, if they have big lines you can probably be out of there faster if you pay with cash
I can't wait for next year!

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  1. I have never been to a record store day or even heard of it. I love listening to music on vinyl much better than through earphones, it always sounds so much more authentic if that makes sense.

    Martha x

    1. Yeah i just stumbled upon record store day they have tons of exclusive and limited releases just for that day. I compltely agree with you on how vinyl sounds way more authentic and it just makes me feel nostalgic.

  2. I need to go record shopping! :)