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Playing Catch Up

By 9:18 am ,

I've been very busy since I last did my introduction. I had to pack because I was moving to my university and had to have some quality time with my friends and family.

University Life
This year is my first year at university so it was really nerve-racking, luckily I have a group of friends that are in the same school, so I wasn't alone.
Orientation week (Frosh week) or O-week what we call it here, was a cluster fuck of events smashed into one week making it so hard to just sit down and check the internet.
First day: After moving me in, my parents left me so that they wouldn't cry. So it was me in an empty and unfamiliar house alone. After Drake's "I get lonely too" started getting to me, I had to immediately leave my house and find someone to talk to before I started crying. I missioned to my friends house and hung out there. Later the main event was a tower party, it was just white people grinding which always makes me uncomfortable.( Like why are you so stiff just moving your hips from side to side? That isn't grinding.)
Second Day: We had residence games to bond with your neighbours and have fun and shit. Inflatable games are my favourite but sadly I twisted my ankle on one of them. Still crippled till this day.
My university has an obsession with condoms so we had a condom poker night where condoms were used as poker chips.
There was also sexy bingo where they prizes were dildos and flesh lights, hosted by a lovely drag queen. I love drag queens because of RuPaul's Drag Race. So I'm trying to hold my excitement in this picture.
Look at the SASS!

I don't remember anything else because it was either irrelevant/stupid or I was drunk.

Now I'm in school mode because I have midterms next week.
Fucking lovely
Have a great day

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